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Your heart beats with purpose and you know you’re a part of this world-changing puzzle. 

But how exactly? 

And how sustainably? 

You’ve decided you’re done with cycles of burnout. 

No more over-extending, over-working, or over-compensating. 

No more shrinking, playing small, or hiding your unique medicine from the world.

But what’s the alternative? 

“Disengage from collectives I care about and do some vague individual “self care” stuff (whatever that actually means)? That doesn’t seem right…”

I got you.

We are surrounded with other people’s ideas of how we should live our lives. How we should contribute to our world. Even how we should heal. 

We try to find some ideas to help guide us on how to do this “caring for ourselves, caring for the world thing” better. 

And we find A LOT of words, often ill-defined, including:

“Collective trauma” 



“Community care”

Yea, they resonate. But no amount of talking about them in a therapy office, in the critique circles, the radical book groups, or the organizing spaces has led you much closer to HOW you actually -- in practice -- balance “self-care” and “community-care.” How YOU actually move forward on that world-building dream of yours (I see you!) and show up in ways you feel proud of for friends, fam, and movement.

HOW do you transform angst for the world into much needed impact?

How do YOU do it? is the question.

Let me let you in on something else: you’re not gonna find the answer to those questions in words -- in a book, a podcast, a youtube video, a discussion group, a workshop on community care…

They’ll only get you so far. 

Wonderful as those things are, they’re not oriented around YOU -- your embodiment in this actual moment, your beliefs, your gifts, your current challenges and the ways you show up to them.

And most significantly, they’re not designed to teach you how to DO things differently.

Most resources you’re going to find (even therapeutic ones), in a disembodied culture, live at the level of abstraction: ideas.

Ideas are lovely.

But you’ll find that new ideas are hard to apply in the moments when they matter most:

  • You want to take that step, but you just don’t feel ready. You get that shivery-shaky feeling again. It’s scary. “Maybe I need more training...?” In your conscious mind, you know you’re ready. But you still don’t feel it. No amount of affirmations seem to convince you of it. So my friend, will a new idea make you feel ready and help you take that step?

  • You want to say something this time. You’ve been working on sharing and releasing your feelings, instead of holding them back or stuffing them down. But sometimes that sense is still there. Feels like... “it’s not safe to say anything.” Or, “If I do, then it’ll be worse…” Your throat tightens. Dear one, will a new idea allow you to speak freely, feel safe, and still feel like yourself?

  • You want to take some time to work on your thing. You got plans. You’re ready! A text comes through: your friend is in crisis. A surge of energy kicks in. “Oh no, they’re not OK.” The thought of not rushing to help feels heavy and nauseating. Your thing comes last again. Sigh. There’s that rock and hard place. Gentle soul, have ideas about boundaries helped you with this one?

It’s not on you, my friend.

On a mass scale, we’ve confused knowledge with know-how.

Incredible as it is to have access to so many ideas, it comes at a price. 

And that price is C O N F U S I O N :)

If you’re confused about how to sort your own self out, live into your purpose, feel empowered in relationship, and do ALL this in the context of massive world-shifting at this strange, strange moment we’re all in -- that’s fair! And, you’re in good company.

You’re not here for surface-level ideas.

And you’re not here just to recognize the root of "your stuff" -- your struggles, old experiences, and patterns.

I know you already know quite a lot of that, deep-diver -- you’ve been doing the work and you’ve made a lot of progress.

You, humble warrior, are here to actually alchemize, not just in a surface way, but from your bone marrow, tangibly transform who you be, how you feel, and what you can do.

What you’ve made it through to get here is nothing short of spiritual genius.

I am in awe of your courageous heart.

And I know it can feel like there’s still so much further to go.

But, I can tell you this: you’re not behind.

You’re right on time. 

What a beautiful time to alchemize your hard won inner lessons into fuel for the revolution.

You’re here because you sense there must be a better way to show up for yourself and your people and to feel good about it.

I’m here to tell you: you’re right.

And I’ll let you in on something: You don’t have to pick between people and purpose. You don’t need to drop your people to do your thing. 

You don’t need to go against your values. 

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Studying at Home

​Somatic Coaching for spacemakers, facilitators, and bridge-builders who believe in trading burnout for sustainable, joyful world-building

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You know by now it’s no good trying to create a kinder, more just world by depleting yourself dry.

You don’t have to drop your people, adopt rigid boundaries, or take on someone else’s assertive style that doesn’t resonate with your being.

There absolutely is another way.

You don’t have to continue the endless cycle of never being ready enough, worrying you’ll mess something up or hurt someone if you try and mis-step, wondering if you need to do more inner work first…

You can be the learner that you are in a different way.

You can be steadfast in your purpose.

You can rest in your own self trust.

And you can walk with humbleness AND confidence.

Let me introduce you to a completely different paradigm of how to harness your tremendous well of care and deep learning-orientation in service to the world.

I specialize in supporting radical culture-makers -- facilitators, teachers, therapists, and aspiring space-holders who want to have a transformative impact on the world -- to express their power so they can build a better world instead of being crushed by this one.

Do what you came here to do.

Be who you came here to be.

Shed the sh*t that was put on you

and alchemize it into fuel for freedom.

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During Our Time Together

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  • I will guide you to get clear on your vision and next steps – with an action plan that is simple, inspiring, and adapts to support the WHOLE you, including when you’re tired, feeling low, or triggered (it’s ALL welcome. I got you.)


  • I will help you uncover where and how you drain energy and show you practical ways to embrace nourishment and self-nurturing while being in integrity, kindness, and consideration of others.


  • We will dig deep into how you show up in those pressure-cooker moments and what qualities you’re transmitting to yourself and others. I teach you how to embody your values and move with grace in the moment when it matters so you leave interactions feeling good and proud of how you showed up.


  • We’ll create an ecosystem of support (people + environment) to help you sustain new embodied habits so that positive changes are easy and natural to integrate.

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  • We will physically practice embodied relational skills that are currently relevant to your life -- such as, setting loving boundaries, insisting upon needs, quitting situations that no longer serve, and repairing relational ruptures  -- with me coaching you each step of the way until you feel confident and at ease in situations that used to challenge you. (The key to my approach is to teach you how to gracefully exercise the relational move in your whole being in ways that honor the dignity and uniqueness of all involved).

Somatic Opening

  • I will call loving, inquisitive attention to ways you impose limits on yourself, treat yourself harshly, or view yourself as anything less than the brilliant being you are -- leading you to truths + new ways of being that simply feel better and work better in your life.


  • When you feel blocked or stuck, we will lovingly and compassionately hold space for and re-wire unconscious old embodied patterns (including ancestral) so that your sense of agency, choice, and empowerment is restored to support your bold, courageous moves forward.


  • I will challenge you to move outside your comfort-zone in ways that YOU identify as serving your goals and growth. That won’t mean “shoulding” yourself into random self-care practices, but it might mean writing a bold, visionary statement and sharing it with significant people in your life while sensing the length + dignity in your spine as you do it.

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And all along the way, I will coach you to expand your healing toolbox and resilience so you can:

  • Deepen your capacity to feel nourished and at ease while holding space for the wide range of human emotion and experience (your own and others)

  • Stay present, in choice, and resourceful even under pressure or stress

  • Gracefully and more swiftly return to center when you notice triggers or reactivity in yourself and others

  • Powerfully and skillfully serve your unique role in transmuting trauma/oppression into collective liberation

Most of the integration work takes place in between our calls, because each session ends with clear, inspiring next steps for you to take. Between sessions are where you get to “test out” the practices from our intentional learning container and apply them to your life in real-time. This is where change becomes embodied transformation. Don’t worry, I will support you every step of the way to pause, make adjustments, and refine what you’re practicing so it works for the long-haul and adapts to your unique needs and specific goals.

I invite you to consider this a supportive, evolutionary container.

Try out new ways of being.

Feel into yourself.

You have infinite permission.

Permission to question.

Permission to grow.

Permission to change.

Shape-shift freely and fly on, majestic one.

You got this and I’m here for you. 

Welcome to your training ground for life.

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If you want to experience what it would be like to have me as your coach, schedule a complimentary coaching session by clicking the button below.

This is not a discovery session to talk about working together.

We both need to know if we’re a synergistic team and if this is the right fit for you.

However it shakes out, it will be my great honor and joy to support you.

So, this session is a gift from my heart to yours to dive deep into what’s live for you right now and to land some concrete steps for you to move on your radical world-building ideas (I know you’ve got them!). 

If, and only if, at the end of our session we both feel excited by the idea of continuing, then we’ll set up a separate call to discuss the possibility of working together.

If that sounds like a good plan, click the button below to book your complimentary session.

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